I love pink! I mean I REALLY love pink. The color exudes so much happiness and makes me feel lighthearted. Bright, vibrant pinks are fun, exciting and promote high energy, while soft pinks represent love and romance. Other words arguably associated with the color include; passion, power, courage and femininity. When I was a little girl everything had to be pink; my room, my clothes, my school supplies. Everything! My mother was presumptuous in looking forward to the day when I would outgrow this pink obsession because here I am, a full grown adult, still letting the color define the essence of who I am. Pink isn’t simply my favorite color. It embodies everything I am and a lot of what I aspire to be. For me, choosing a favorite color, although done at a very young age had a deeper, more personal meaning. It was deliberate, carefully selected, and is an expression of who I am: Annoyingly happy, lighthearted most of the time, powerful yet soft spoken, optimistic, kind, energetic when I get enough iron, and passionate about living every minute of life.

Live beautifully with me!