One of my loves in life is co-owning Hearts and Minds LLC with my amazing friend and business partner Micah Gardner. If you don’t already follow our FB page you should CLICK HERE and do that now! I don’t usually talk about our events here on the blog, but since I do talk DIY, I knew I had to share our custom centerpieces from our event last Sunday for Psalm 113:9 Ministries. I’ll share more about this AMAZING ministry in a different post. For now, lets talk DIY!

Our tag line at Hearts and Minds is “We Specialize in Amazing”, and we are not kidding! Whether we’re working with thousands of dollars, or a little less than that, we always keep this standard in mind.

The following budget friendly amazingness was achieved using the following top secret steps:

Step #1- Steal Free Stuff

This is my favorite tip! I love finding free stuff on the side of the road! I usually spend anywhere from $50-$200 on fresh greenery when I buy from the local wholesale florist. So, I was super excited when I saw these perfectly good dead trees on the curb when driving home a few days prior to my event.

I knew I could give them a renewed purpose in life! I had to have them!

In typical Amanda fashion, my non plan was to put the huge bush in the back of my car, and hope for the best while driving home with the trunk open…

(In my defense, I was definitely going to drive slow…er…than usual). Thankful for family who live nearby- who happened to drive by at the perfect time with the proper equipment to save me from bad decisions.

(Love ya Mike! #clutch)

Step #2- Thrift Store

The thrift store is one of my favorite places!! Its like a treasure hunt- in a place that smells a little mothy! So much fun! My mom used to take me when I was a little girl and it had remained one of my favorite hobbies as an adult. So, when I decided I needed vases for this design, naturally the thrift store was my first stop. I knew I needed 32 vases, and my goal was to spend $1 or less per vase. I totally achieved this goal!!

I spent $14.75 for all 32 vases, which averages out to .46 per vase (I think). Win!

Step #3- Spray Paint

Spray paint is everything! When you have 32 pieces that are different shapes and sizes, making everything the same color is the perfect way to bring cohesiveness to your design. Put on gloves so you don’t mess up your manicure, and spray away! I went with white paint for this project.

Step#4- Flowers

I usually purchase flowers from a local wholesale florist, but I wanted to spend a little less than usual. I knew with it being Mothers Day weekend, most of the grocery stores would have tons of pink flowers to choose from.  I got a discount on the bouquets that I chose because a few of the flowers were kinda dying. I planned on taking the bouquets apart anyway, so this was a great way to save. I simply discarded the few that were bad, and ended up with great flowers for really cheap.

My plan was to let the curbside greenery be the main attraction of the centerpiece, and add flowers sparingly for pops of color. The venue was outside, and I wanted to stay true to it by bringing in natural green to compliment the breathtaking, simplistic setting.

I even used the greenery on the place cards! It only cost 1/2 glue stick and a few burned fingertips (manicure remained intact though).

At the center of each table I added a taller clear vase just because. Placing the flowers on the inside of the vase at different heights (instead of creating a traditional arrangement coming out of the vase) allowed me to use fewer flowers- which was another cost savings.


Overall I was super happy with how it all turned out. This event is a special one, so it’s always important to me that everything comes out perfectly.

(These white .46 vases are making me happy!)

In a future post, I’ll share how I used some of these same tips to update the décor around my home.

In the meantime, try a few of these tips the next time you need beauty on a budget- I’d love to hear how it goes!

Go, create, sparkle!

Live Beautifully,


Event photos by Gianna Snell Photography