Disclaimer: While I am all about the correct use of grammar, I don’t mind making up my own words when I feel it is necessary. It is okay to judge me.

I am the ultimate dreamer! This blog is me actively pursuing one of my dreams, but I have so many more! I’ll let you in on one of them. Ready? Okay, so one day, I would love to own a ridiculously adorable Bed and Breakfast! Two reasons: I love breakfast, and hosting friends and family at my home is one of my favorite things to do!  I’d absolutely love having a cute little house, maybe overlooking a lake, where I could host and serve breakfast to complete strangers [ I realize now after re-reading, that that sounded weird and also creepy…but I’m okay with it ].

Because I won’t be opening my Bed and Breakfast by the lake anytime soon, whenever I have guest, my home becomes the Otieno Bed and Breakfast (yes I get teased about this)! It’s my way of keeping my dream alive, but it’s also how I show my family and friends that I adore them, and that I’m so happy they came to visit!

While owning a Bed and Breakfast may not be one of your dreams, I think its important that everyone knows the basics of making their house guests feel comfortable and welcome. So here are a few of my favorite hosting tips!

My motto when decorating anything, is to mix essential, functional items, with accents of EXTRAness!

I’ll start with the essentials:

Bedding- I like to keep this simple and hotel-ish by using plush white pillows and a white comforter. The white not only looks clean and fresh, it also creates a décor backdrop that gives you the freedom to add any accent color you are in the mood for in the future.

Towels- When it comes to towels, I get my inspiration from one my favorite places- the spa. Extra large, soft, white towels look and feel great.

WIFI Password- If your guest is alive,  “can I get the WiFi password?” is a question they are sure to ask at some point throughout their stay. Be a step ahead of them and have it available in the guest suite.

Water- It’s safe to assume that your guest will be parched after traveling- have bottled water available for them in their room.

Now, lets get EXTRA!!

Fresh Flowers- I was torn putting this in the extra category because I feel like it is so necessary! Pick up fresh flowers from the grocery store, or add a live plant in the guest room! This simple touch will speak volumes.

Bed Tray- You have to have a place to display the fresh flowers right? A tray in the center of the bed does the trick! This is also the perfect place for you to put your framed WiFi password. Pinterest has some great free downloadable templates that you can use for your frame. I used this one-  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/316800155023017977/

Reading Material- Put a magazine, or devotional in the room for your guest to enjoy. While I love to smother my guest with attention (kidding…kinda), in the event they get bored, and they aren’t using the WiFi, its nice for them to have some entertaining reading options.

Basket- This is where you will put your towels, and any other toiletry item that your guest might forget. I like to add custom items to the basket just because that’s the kind of person I am LOL. For example, If my guest has a newborn, I’ll add an age appropriate toy, or baby wipes inside the basket. If my guest happens to be one of my best girl friends or old college roommate, I might add our old favorite DVD in the basket so that we can watch it together and get all the nostalgic feels!

Handwritten Note- I get it, this is doing the most and it is not for everyone. But if you feel inspired, write a handwritten note thanking your guest for visiting! You can even add any instructions your guest might need during their stay like, “help yourself to anything in the fridge.”

Try one or two of these tips next time you have guest and let me know how it goes! Remember, a heart of love and service should be what drives of all the extra! Quality time with loved ones is most important. In all your preparation, don’t lose sight of that.

Thanks for reading!

Live beautifully,