I’ve become an expert at this whole #momlife thing. By mom…I mean plant mom, and by expert, I mean I’ve managed to keep several plants alive simultaneously for almost 6 months (clearly expert status)!

In my first blog post in over a year (because, twins. ), I’ll share the plants I’ve found to be great for new plant mama’s, and a few tips I’ve discovered along the way.

Why plants? I’m so glad you asked!

  1. Design wise, plants bring a space to life! AND, they are a great way to add texture to your space making them a functional and beautiful accessory.
  2. Plants purify the air by reducing levels of pollutants. Who wouldn’t want this?!
  3. Plants can reduce stress and anxiety levels. (Someone, not me…studied this. Something to do with stress and anxiety being linked to toxins, and plants reducing said toxins in the air).

Now that I’m no longer a plant serial killer, I’ll share with you the plants I’ve grown (literally) to love and nurture- because if I can do it anyone can!


Succulents, succulents, succulents! Give me all the succulents! I couldn’t love these little guys more! These plants are not only super trendy, they are the easiest to keep alive once you learn their ways. Not too much water, and lots of sun and these guys will be your best friend.

These beauties belong to my good friend Renea Scoble. I love the variety she chose!

Snake Plant aka Mother-in-law Tongue

These plants are simply beautiful! They are also super forgiving if you forget to water them for 2 or 3… or 4 weeks. These and succulents are great as bedroom plants because they can help you sleep better (according to google), which is awesome!

snake plant


Super cute, impossible to kill, and super handy for cuts or burns. I keep one in my kitchen and break it as needed. Also great for skin! Honestly I’m pretty sure aloe is great for everything.


Dieffenbachia aka Dumb Cane

This is a tropical plant, and probably the most high maintenance of all my plants. It likes moisture and needs water frequently, but not too frequently. It needs sun, but not too much sun. If its leaves turn yellow its a hint that it might be getting too much water. This plant doesn’t like new places, so pick a spot in your home and let it stay put. This beauty played with my emotions a lot in the beginning, I thought I’d killed it several times. But, it is very resilient, and now that we’ve worked out all the kinks in our relationship I think we will live happily ever after!

Tropical Plant1
This one needs to be re-potted, but I have not reached that level of expertise yet LOL!

Majestic Palm

This is another tropical plant, and honestly I bought it because I needed a 5th plant for this blog post (listing only four seemed weird). What I’ve learned in this short time we’ve had together is that it doesn’t mind the shade (which is a win because I don’t have unlimited windows in my home), and that it needs plenty of water like the other tropical plant I have.

tropical plant2
The tall beauty on the right

The next plant on my must-have list is a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Decor wise this plant is perfection and I can’t wait to introduce one to my living space.

If anyone has any tips on the whole human mom thing, I could still use ALL of those! My oldest daughter is a freshman in college and I have 10 month boy/girl twins. Seriously, help!

Until next time,

Live Beautifully!