Hi, I’m Amanda!

I’m literally so excited to meet you!!!

Hiimamanda.com is not just about me introducing myself to the world. It’s my hope that as you get to know me, you are inspired to be 100% you- because that is who the world needs! Share your story, launch the project you’ve been dreaming of, do what you love everyday! Sparkle! Find joy! Live on purpose, and help others along the way.

God has blessed me with an eye for design! In pursuit of this passion, I co-founded Hearts and Minds LLC in 2014 with my amazing, talented, partner and friend Micah Gardner. Hearts and Minds is a boutique event planning firm where I am in love with my work as a creative designer. While I live for making my clients dream spaces come alive, my passion extends beyond that! So, I will use this blog to share my love for everything else: God, family, home decor, DIY-ing EVERYTHING, shopping, PINK, correct grammar, sometimes fitness, and cute mugs. I really really love cute mugs.

I am finally embracing who I am. So hi, this is me! Thanks for stopping by. It’s so nice to meet you beautiful ❤️